Worst Wedding Gifts

Worst Wedding Gifts You Should Avoid

When invited to a wedding, it is automatic that you will face an age-old question: What wedding gift should I buy? While you may not think much about it, it is just a practice that you should give attention to the item you give the bride and the groom. It is really more than a practice, you don’t want to feel embarrassed by giving an inappropriate gift. Also if too inexpensive a gift is given, then you would almost surely be looked upon as a cheapskate.

Meanwhile, giving a wedding gift does not mean giving the first thing that comes to your mind. You still have to contemplate the right gifts to give and of course the worst gifts to avoid. What are those? Below are some of the worst wedding gifts you may want to avoid. You really need to use some common sense in selecting a wedding gift. If you know the couple or even one of the two it can be a great help in choosing an appropriate wedding gift.

Useless gifts

This would be our starting point. If you think that you can give anything you like, then you can consider giving some angel figurines, a scented candle, picture frames, a basket, clothes hamper, etc. But if you think otherwise, then you may want to erase them from your list of possible wedding gift items. While you think that these gifts are both inexpensive and cute, the couple that will receive them would probably think that you are a cheapskate. Insult aside, try to put things into the proper perspective. Would you want to receive a scented candle on your wedding?

The trying hard artwork

Unless you want to give Picasso, Van Gogh or Rembrandt, you should refrain from giving any kind of “artwork”. Have you ever thought of receiving a set of miniature ceramic horses, a hand blown vase that has no style, a framed painting that is actually a framed picture of an apple on cheap paper, any artwork that looks like crap, etc? Think of it this way, unless you want to receive these kind of things, never ever give them to others. And if you do, be prepared that those gifts would end up in the storage shed, the attic, or worse yet in the trash!

The recycled gift

After your wedding, you were invited to attend another wedding. Thinking of what to give, you rummage through the gifts you received on your wedding day that you never used and wrap it up. Instantly you already have something to give. Do you think that is proper? While the recycled gift you intend to give may have a value, the fact still remains the same: it is “recycled”. You also would not want to receive such a recycled gift on your wedding day, a gift that might seem to be older than you. Nope… that’s an exaggeration, but still recycled is recycled. No more, no less and it is not something you should consider giving as a gift to newly weds.

The totally out of place wedding gifts
On your wedding day, you receive a book on relationship. How would you feel? It is like receiving a deodorant on your birthday right? Make sure you know what type of wedding gift to give. Avoid things that may insult the couple or things that may signal something that is undesirable. You need to think twice before you buy your gift. A good idea might be to think what would you like if you were getting married or when you did get married if you are already married.

The $15 gift

You are in a department store and stumble upon an item with a $15 price tag. You then grab it and head to the cashier to pay for it. Immediately, you have it wrapped and bring it to the wedding. Think of this: do you have the nerve to place it beside several expensive gifts? Well of course, giving gifts is not a competition. But think that you are giving gifts for a good reason and not to “just get it over with”. If you want to give a gift, then consider $50 or higher priced items. It would also be best to give something useful and not just any old thing you might pick up.

There you go. Just remember all these and surely, you and your gift will be much appreciated and remembered.


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