A Wedding Poem

A Wedding Poem for Two

A marriage and wedding sure sounds romantic. Two individuals who decided to leave their own families and stay together for the rest of their lives. That definitely is a great sacrifice. And time has born witness on this immemorial practice of men.

It has been this way since exactly who knows when. Our time has seen how closely knit an ideal society must be. To convey an impression that the couples and their newly formed families must never separate. Well, there off course some exceptions to the rule. But whatever the condition is, we still cannot deny the fact that the perennial union of a man and a woman is present in all societies, whatever norms, beliefs and practices they sustain.

Regardless of what the society is, the evolution of wedding rites still plays central role. For individual cultures are separate activities that help create better outcomes. The diversity of activities involves range from the traditional ones such as the proclamation of the vow, the marriage proper and the reading of wedding poems. The point of all these is to produce a jubilant celebration that will be preserved for years as simple remembrances, or even only as memory.

Speaking of memories, when was the last time that you really captured your memories into words? If you haven’t done that yet (which we presume that you already have), you can start dong it on your wedding day and continue the tradition so long as you like.

Wedding poems are effective in putting into art parts of the memories you would want to communicate to your audience. They can be very effective in communicating explicitly or subtly the emotions you have. Unlike wedding vows, wedding poems can be more like an art piece, something that other people may look at or hear from which they can build their own impressions.

No one can express the exact feelings of the brides and grooms in the poems though. After all, they are personal. Yet if either of the two is able to create wedding poems then that would be better. However, wedding poems need not strictly contain verses of how one exactly feels in a moment. It only has to convey expressions of love primarily, or of thanks to the people who have made the event possible or the story which unfolded in the couple’s eyes. Actually, anything can be the focus of topic in a wedding poem so long as it borders on the boundary of the occasion.

It is an art and so it needs an artist to make one. It requires some skills delicately blending in words to couple with it rhythm and spirit. The spirit comes from passion. All these combined would narrow down the possibility that anyone can virtually produce a wedding poem.

Therefore, the only people who are able to create a wedding poem are those who can meet the above qualities. Writing one is worth trying for but to display publicly a work of an amateur may be a bit off. If you want, you can have someone do it for you. A person you can lay your trust on and who would be willing enough to stir his passion and make a unique favor for you. She may be a friend, a relative or a professional who works towards putting into artistic sense the simple words that you would want to communicate during the celebration.

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