Wedding Photo: Photo Ideas to Get You Started

Wedding Photo: A few Wedding Photo Ideas to Get You Started

By Honey B. Wackx

Wedding photos are easy to take since photos are inexpensive these days. Virtually everyone can afford some type of camera. Now you can get good quality digital cameras, even with a nice optical zoom lens for a low or very reasonable price. That lends itself to more creative use of wedding photography and professional presentation on a PC or Mac, even for a novice. Apply this to wedding photos and you can have a first-class wedding album that’s truly customized. This can be in addition to having a professional photographer, or as a product of your own creative ability.

Here are a few other ideas how you can incorporate your pictures or ones you commissioned a friend or family member to take for you.

Wedding photo slide show – This is no longer a complicated affair since you will have digital images won’t you? So in additional to the ideas mentioned below you can easily make a slide show on any Mac or PC since slideshows are usually built-in. Depending on how old your computer is and the software you have you will have various choices in the type of slide show you can make.

Wedding photos are more than just souvenirs. They are priceless mementos of a very special occasion in your life. Just like your wedding ring and the wedding gown, wedding photos are one of the most lasting keepsakes of your very special day. Wouldn’t it be a joy if your wedding photos and photo albums were not only beautiful, but also unique and personalized as well? There are so many ways you can make your wedding photos reflect your personal style and tastes. Here are some creative ideas you can use to make your wedding photos unique and beautiful.

Wedding photo book – A wedding photo book of your wedding photographs is a great do-it-yourself project if you are computer literate. You can create your own scrapbook out of the digital photos you will acquire. This is easy to do with your Mac or PC. There are easy to create books with many different templates. Mac iPhoto has a service that allows you to create a professional looking photo album using your own images. You can even add personal touches such as a poem, a quote, and some narrative, depending on the particular template you use. No need to pay specialized company or photographer big bucks to make a book for you. Do it yourself and you will challenge any premium service doing the same thing.

Retouch your pictures – For a more romantic and classic touch, try retouching the tone of your wedding photo. A sepia tone will impart a vintage and romantic look to your wedding photo and make it look more appealing. You can also create a nice border for each of your photos. You may need to coordinate with your wedding photographer for this. Otherwise, if you have your own photos taken with a digital camera, you can actually do the retouching by yourself. You can use a photo retouching and editing software.

Think out-of-the-box – For a different view of your wedding day, why not ask one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to take photos as you prepare for your big, special day. This is a great way to capture the events of your wedding day through the eyes of your friends. You can also provide disposable cameras for your guests and have them snap away at the ceremony and reception. You will be amazed by some of the more candid and intimate shots they might take.

Create a wedding photo scrapbook – A scrapbook of your wedding photos is a perfect alternative to store-bought, run-of-the-mill photo albums. You can make your own scrapbook out of materials such as home-made paper, art paper and paper-mâché. You can even add personal touches such as a poem or a quote.

Wedding photos for your thank you notes – Your friends and guests will surely love it if they receive special, personalized thank you notes using your wedding photo on the card as a special touch. A small photo frame with your wedding photo coupled with a simple, heartfelt note of thanks is just perfect and adds a nice creative touch.

Display wedding photos through photo boxes – Another alternative to photo albums are photo boxes. These are decorative boxes that you can use to store and present your wedding photo prints. Usually, photo boxes are made of thick, sturdy cardboard which you can also personalize with your own decorations. You can also keep a photo box as a safe place to store photos, especially if you like rotating your pictures in their frames.

Frame your wedding photographs – Do you know why beautiful photo frames are one of the most popular gifts presented to newlyweds? Simply because you will have so many beautiful wedding photos to frame after your big day. Wedding photo frames are a perfect way to showcase your beautiful pictures. Show off your favorite wedding photo in a frame mounted either on the wall or your living room. Framed wedding photos are also a great gift idea, especially for loved ones who unfortunately weren’t able to attend your wedding.

These are just some of the many excellent creative ideas you can use to make your wedding photos more unique and beautiful. Think up more ways to personalize your wedding photos and make them a precious keepsake you will cherish forever.

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