Wedding Hairstyle: Which One?

Wedding Hairstyle: What Wedding Hairstyle to Wear?

By Honey B. Wackx

Other than baptism and burial, your wedding day is among the most special to everyone concerned. Bridal day is destined to be celebrated only for the “bride” (with the exception of the groom). It should be the day that everything “goes right”. Let’s hope it’s not spoiled by your bridal dress and definitely not by your hairstyle! Your wedding hairstyle should be extra special, just like your wedding day. After all you will only get married once in a lifetime, right?

If you look on the internet and check through lots of pages of bridal magazines, you will find yourself amazed with the wide selection of bridal wedding hairstyles. Don’t be alarmed, there must be something that will help determine which hairstyle is right for you. Instead of you doing the research yourself and getting even more confused, we have prepared some guidelines that will narrow down your choices. Hopefully there will be less confusion. Let us start with some advice on looking natural.

Your wedding day image will be forever immortalized in pictures. So you really have to choose something that allows people to recognize you no matter how you look. Don’t loose your personality over a hairstyle that doesn’t become you. Remember your wedding dress and hairstyle together comprise the whole picture. Everything about you must be right and go good together.

You really want to look very special on your wedding day. If your hair color is black and you have been wearing it since who knows when, don’t dye your hair blond on your wedding day. If people have not been used to seeing you with an updo hairstyle or it’s so rare for you, consider choices that will most likely complement your natural look. Your wedding day is not the time or place to experiment. Make it a point to have everything come together nicely on your wedding day. This means thorough planning and allowing plenty of time to get everything done properly.

There are no rights and wrongs in wedding hairstyles, but your hair style should complement you. If you truly want to change looks on your bridal day, then plan ahead, well ahead. Try varying hairstyles well ahead of time. The key here is to work towards your desired hairstyle allowing plenty of time so you won’t end up jumping into a hairstyle you will regret.

Being with the trend is nice but don’t follow the trend if natural circumstances dictate otherwise. Don’t force yourself to wear your hair long on your wedding day because most magazines feature a long hairstyle. If you are used to short hair, leave it short. Your personality will shine through anyway if you only allow it to. Do not labor on a hairstyle just because everyone else seems to wear it. You are a special individual, as witnessed fully by the fact that someone wants you and you are getting married.

Set the theme. Talk with your hairstylist so she may give you a better idea of what would fit your theme. Don’t forget your gown and how your hairstyle will look with your gown. The two must complement each other and not clash. They must never compete for attention. The wedding gown you wear will dictate the type of hair fashion you will follow.

Consider some hair accessories. If your hairstyle needs a tiara, a hair band, petals, buns, barrette, or anything else, be sure they are appropriate for your chosen hairstyle and veil. Let the excitement of your wedding day shine through. Follow through with an exciting, but complementing outfit and your specially chosen wedding hairstyle. Then you may have all the eligible ladies envious and wishing it were them making that marvelous move down the aisle.

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