Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells on a Holiday

Wedding bells at Christmas

Do you want to be a December bride or groom?

Of course getting married in December brings you a different atmosphere. You feel the snow slowly falling above your head, the holiday carols being sung almost in every corner, the smell of the festive foods and every little green and red thing which symbolizes, it is Christmas – it is the merry month.

As you plan everything about your wedding, you normally prepare and arrange for wedding favors. Since you have decided for a holiday wedding, what could be a more perfect wedding favor than wedding bells?

Wedding bells favors do not only represent the union of two individuals, it also jogs your guests memory that it is the season of joy.

With the diverse selection of bells as a wedding favor, choose something that will suit not only your wedding theme but the holiday season as well. You may want to have a glimpse of some wedding bell favors for your holiday wedding.

Silver Photo Frame with Wedding Bells

This is a good type of wedding bell favor since it does not only gives your guests a resonating sound to hear but your guests can also frame their favorite Christmas picture on the frame.

Candle with Glittering Wedding Bells

Wedding bells come in silver and gold so you have the option to choose what you desire. Candles are perfect symbolism of Christmas and wedding. Hence a perfect wedding favor since candles denote lighting your marital path and ringing of bells commonly signify merry making.

Holiday Wedding Bell Place card Holder

You can have a custom-made wedding bell place card holder with a touch of Christmas and your wedding theme design. This type of favor is not only perfect as a wedding give-away it can also be utilized as a card holder for your guests to use.

Red Heart Favor Boxes with Miniature Wedding Bells

Red is one of the Christmas colors. Heart symbolizes the union of two people. It can also denote utmost gratification to guests who have been a part of your big day.

Monogrammed Silver and Gold Bells

This type of wedding bell favors give you the opportunity to personalize your give-away with a scripted lettering of you and your partner’s initial. To adorn your favor, you can complement your monogrammed bells with a special verse card. To give it a holiday touch, you can put a small Christmas ribbon.

Wedding favors are your token of appreciation to your guests. You have to carefully plan every detail of what you bestow to people who will be attending your wedding. There are considerations which you might want to mull over:

* Your wedding theme.

Since most wedding bells come in silver or gold color designs it will most likely suit any wedding themes or color motifs.

* The bridal month.

You have chosen to be wed on December. You can incorporate both the festive and wedding theme on the wedding bells.

With the a cool and festive atmosphere the month of December brings, there is no doubt why more and more bridal couple chose the season of joy to be the month of their big day. Moreover, wedding bells seem to be perfectly fitted as souvenirs to the bridal couple’s guests since it serves as a reminder that there are a lot of reasons to be merry.

To make your ambiance more celebratory, ring your wedding bells!

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