Tungsten Carbide: Wedding Band Ring

Tungsten Carbide: A Different Wedding Band Ring

When you finally decide to get married, choosing a ring will be an important choice you need to come up with. Customarily, white gold and silver platinum are the ultimate choice in a wedding band. But at present, the selections in metal have become broader and it reflects the changes in our lifestyle and tastes.

One of the newest metals that are used in wedding band is the tungsten carbide which the designers  of jewelries have started to craft in the wedding band rings which offers assorted designs and styles that fit the budget and the taste of the bride and groom. You may wonder what a tungsten carbide is.

The tungsten carbide is made up of a very dense metal which has the highest melting point among all the other metals. The tungsten can gain extreme hardness if it is combined with the element carbon alloy then transforming it to a newly tungsten carbide. It has a hardness of between 8.5 up to 9.5 which is based on the Mohs hardness scale.

The hardness and unique strength of tungsten carbide had been used long ago. It has been used for over decades in the industrial applications. This is a good choice in wedding band because it is 4 times harder than the element titanium. It is also twice as hard as steel and it will be impossible to scratch the tungsten carbide.

This results to a perfect use in wedding band rings that look stunning to give pleasure to the eye which is durable to withstand daily usage. These wedding band rigs can be damaged only if extreme measures are applied to it. Extreme measures include abrasions from diamond or if it is struck by a hammer.

When you decide to choose tungsten carbine for your wedding band, make sure that you ask the jeweler which kind of metal has been used for the binding and finishing process. A lot of producers of tungsten carbide use cobalt as the binder for the wedding band rings that they make. It appears to be cheap and it is easy to produce.

The only problem with the element cobalt is that it has the ability to bond with the oils in your skin and it can also leech out the ring which can result to oxidation. The oxidation process will appear to be similar to tarnish the silver but it cannot be easily removed with just by grinding and bonding alone.

The nickel-binder tungsten carbide is a better choice in wedding band rings. This is chemically alert and it will not easily oxidize because it is hypoallergenic and it causes no danger to the human skin. You need to be careful when you are dealing with your jeweler because they may just fool you and give you the wrong tungsten carbine wedding band ring.

Also, make sure that the jeweler that you are dealing with knows and understands what type of alloy they are selling. They should specify clearly on what the wedding band rings that they are dealing are made up of.

If you are sure that it is made up of tungsten carbine, you can purchase it and get it ready for your upcoming and most awaited wedding.

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