Top 5 Wedding Invitation Ideas

Top 5 Wedding Invitation Ideas for the Modern Bride


With hundreds or even thousands of options, choosing your wedding invitations can be frustrating. Although classically styled invitations are still most popular, if you are having a modern wedding, you should look for invitations to match. Not to worry, modern wedding invitations do not have to be completely serious. They can still be romantic and beautiful. Here are the top five wedding invitation ideas for the modern bride:

Idea #1: Use non-traditional, bold colors.

White has always been a traditional wedding color, and many brides also use gold and silver, pastel colors, and off-white shades in conjunction with stark white. Instead of these classic bridal colors, consider using bold colors with the same bridal motifs. You do not have to go with hot pink, but think about how the traditional invitations you are viewing would look in plum, hunter green or red. Modern invitations do not have to be soft colors. Let your personality shine through! Right now, steel blue, brown, and yellow are all popular, trendy wedding colors, and you can send cards in colors that match the season. You do not even have to match your wedding invitation colors with your wedding colors, just do what feels right to you. If you are worried about using bright colors, consider at least an accent color. Stick to a white invitation that includes just a burst of color.

Idea #2: Go “green” with your wedding invitations.

Today, you can make eco-friendly choices with everything from your clothing to your food – why not your wedding invitations too? “Green” wedding invitations are made from recycled paper, and for the best option for the environment, look for paper made with as much post-manufactured recycled product as possible. Try to avoid pre-manufactured product, which comes from mill scraps. You can also find companies that plant trees for every product ordered, and you can choose to include a note on the back asking your guests to RSVP via email or phone and recycle the invitation after the wedding. “Green” wedding invitations are not just modern; they are a simple way for you to make this world a better place.

Idea #3: Send a message in a bottle.

We usually think of invitations as a flat piece of paper, but that does not have to be the case. One especially innovative idea, especially if you are going to have a destination wedding, is to send a message in a bottle. Instead of a sending a flat invitation, choose a scroll style and put it inside of a bottle. You can actually find companies that have kits to help you prepare these bottle invitations. You may end up spending more on postage, but the effect is very unique. If messages in a bottle do not match up with your wedding theme, you can instead consider other kinds of 3-dimensional cards. You can also choose destination-wedding invitations that feature designs like seashells and sandcastles if you do not want to spend the extra money on postage.

Idea #4: Use your picture on your invitation.

Your wedding invitation serves as an announcement for some people. To make it really special, consider printing a picture of you and your groom on the front. You can use your announcement photo or take a special one specifically for your invitations. Instead of throwing away your invitations, your guests can frame them, keep then as keepsakes, or otherwise display them. A picture also helps make the invitation more personal. You can choose black and white or color for printing, depending on your budget.

Idea #5: Design your own invitation.

Modern invitations are not always just about a modern look, they are also about a modern concept. Today’s invitations can be personalized more than you may realize. Many websites offer custom design services and you pick everything from the design and overall style to the font color to even the ink color to the envelopes. You can then add ribbons, monograms, and more to really make them personal. As a bonus, creating your wedding invitations with your future husband can be fun.

Modern wedding invitations can include other accessories and add-ons in beautiful accent colors and designs. Consider some pocket-style jackets for your invitations, colorful organza bows that can be tied around them, designed seals that stick on the envelope, or sheer stickers. All of these small touches can help your invitations look great.

Choosing the perfect wedding invitations can be a difficult task. When searching for that right style, do not be afraid to consider modern options. With the right colors and accessories, your modern invitations should be just as beautiful as you have always imagined. If you are planning a destination wedding there are other creative options to consider such a message in a bottle or an image of yourself at the destination.

Rachel Jackson is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and other family events. Ms. Jackson often writes about specific aspects of a wedding such as the wedding invitations.

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