Titanium Wedding Bands

Elegant Titanium Wedding Bands

Are you a man who wants something unusual, even though you may well afford the money for a nice platinum, gold or diamond wedding ring? What about the bride? How does she feel about an alternate cheaper choice of a wedding ring or band?

When my husband and I decided to get married, we knew right away that we wanted matching rings. At first, I thought this was pretty much the norm, but after speaking to a few jewelers, I learned that lots of couples decide to go different ways with their rings because of comfort, personal preference, or other reasons. But that wouldn’t be an issue with us, as we wanted to get a matching set.

After shopping around for a while to check out our options, we decided that we would buy titanium wedding bands for each other. This may seem like an odd choice, especially since most people go with gold or silver nowadays, but we were motivated by a few different considerations.

First, neither of us is very big on jewelry to begin with, so we weren’t looking for anything fancy. Second, we do a lot of work with our hands, and wanted our rings to be lightweight yet resistant to scratches, dings, and other damage. And third, we didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so we had to be very budget-conscious with our choice. Since titanium wedding bands fit all three of these requirements, our decision was pretty easy.

What we didn’t anticipate, however, was how difficult it would be to find titanium wedding bands at regular jewelry stores. It seemed that every place we checked carried only gold, silver, and platinum — which was understandable considering the demand for those materials. Still, it would have been nice to find at least a few titanium wedding bands to look at.

We finally gave up on local jewelry stores and decided that we’d probably be better off shopping for titanium wedding bands online. There were bound to be websites that stocked a decent selection, so as long as we knew our exact ring sizes, we figured we would be ok.

As it turned out, there is an amazing selection of titanium wedding bands on the Internet and we were very pleased to see that. There was a mind-boggling array of designs to choose from, including rings inlaid with gold or precious gems. After a lot of looking, we chose a couple of simple yet elegant titanium wedding bands with a single small diamond in the center. We also had them engraved with a short message, which is a nice touch.

Our titanium wedding bands turned out better than I could have ever imagined. That was then but now that we’re a little (well quite a bit) older and have advanced in our careers and financial affairs, it would be possible for us to upgrade our rings to something more expensive, but we refuse to do so. We love our rings just the way they are! We think you will too, especially if you don’t want to shell out wads of cash for a diamond, gold or even silver wedding band.

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