A Wedding Reading

What to Look For in a Wedding Reading

Wedding readings are short passages that couples read aloud to each to express the emotions that they feel on their wedding day.

The very essence of marriage is connection. Couples get married because they want to form a bond with each other.

Words are essentially the same thing. We make use of words in order to connect and communicate with one another. Man’s fundamental need to communicate with his environment has caused him to develop words to a very high extent.

With the use of words today, we can convey almost everything that we feel.

Wedding readings are important because they are the words that connect the couples.

The words in wedding readings contain memories emotions and messages that the couples hold dear to their hearts.

So what should someone look for in a wedding reading?

Here are some qualities that make a good wedding reading:

1. Relationship to experience – A couple should be able to relate to the words they utter.

You should be able to feel how much those words relate to your experiences as a couple

This would make your wedding reading a very special one since your hearts will be touched by the words in the passage.

There’s no use of a wedding reading if the people delivering the words do not have any idea what the words signify to their lives.

That is exactly the reason why it is inadvisable for couples to depend on other people to give them their wedding readings.

2. Personal emotions – A good wedding reading should connect with the reader and the listener in a very deep emotional level.

In picking a wedding reading, you should find a passage that appeals to you personally, and not one that you think other people would like.

A wedding is an emotional ceremony, so in picking your wedding reading you should pick a passage that can touch hearts.

3. Imagery – You may also look for a wedding reading that conjures vivid images in the listeners’ imaginations. With wedding readings like this, you can draw in the attention of your loved one and make him/her see your vision of a married life.

With imagery, you may draw the listeners into your world and make them understand the things that you wish to express.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a word can also form a million images.

Wedding readings that conjure images often are praised by listeners as very good, since the people are drawn into what the speakers wish to convey.

4. Depth of words – Some wedding readings are considered good because of the depth of the words involved.

Often, speaking these words is compared to sharing something precious to other people.

The depth of the words, however, may distort meaning. Some people may not understand the exact emotions that old words convey. However, some things are just better said with old words.

Sometimes, we limit the depth of emotions by using modern words. These words are too small to properly contain the depth of feelings and meaning of the person saying them.

That’s why sometimes silence is the most adequate language of all.

We people take our pride in our ability to communicate what we mean to other people. We become very proud when other people say that they are “touched” by our words. And yet, there remains one question: what do we really mean?


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