Wedding Invitations: Design and Print Your Own

Wedding Invitations: Design and Print Your Own Creative Invitations

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. That special day can also be one of the costliest you will ever encounter. Want to save hundreds of dollars and at the same time making the wedding day even more special? You can easily design and print your own wedding invitations and announcements. You can also print your envelopes.

There are thousands of websites with wedding invitation software kits that allow you to do this project with ease. Many also provide ideas for wedding programs that you also design and print yourself. These relatively cheap options were never available before the Internet. If you’re not good using a computer or the internet then commission a friend or relative to do it for you. Even youngsters can produce professional looking wedding invitations with the easy-to-use software available nowadays.

Aside from saving lots of money, you can be sure that your custom designed wedding invitations will be unique and especially meaningful to you and your beloved, as well as family and friends. You can choose from hundreds of different paper colors, layer papers and specialty papers. You can use wedding clipart or superimpose your own images to create a variety of effects. You can print your invitations in one color and the envelopes in another. When you design and print your own wedding invitations, the possibilities are unlimited. You get a first class chance to show your creativity.

Besides the fun you’ll have with these DIY wedding invitations, there are several other benefits of a more practical nature. You can experiment with your design as much as you like, until you’ve got it just perfect. Conventional wedding invitations are available in many styles and colors, but you’re normally limited in your options to conventional designs.

Another benefit to designing and printing your own wedding invitations is that you can add as many additional guests as you like. With a commercial print job, once you place your order, it’s unlikely you’ll get any additional invitations on a short print run in time. If you can, it will be at great expense.

You can begin your do-it-yourself wedding invitation project even before you’ve set the date or booked your wedding and reception location. Then when the time is right, you simply insert the correct information and print away.

You’re also not limited to stock wording and phrases when you choose to design and print your own wedding invitations. Many wedding invitation sites provide templates that you can personalize with the words and phrasing that you choose. Etiquette requires certain conventions, but these websites also give you practical help with these conventions. If you’re bold you could even break away from convention.

With so many benefits and such flexibility, there’s a lot to be said in favor of designing and printing your own wedding invitations. Best of all, you can print everything on your printer at home! Surely you do have a color printer, don’t you?

So when you make your wedding plans, think about doing your wedding invitations yourself. In addition to creating a stunning and memorable keepsake, think of what a few hundred dollars might add to the honeymoon! If your creativity in designing your cards shines through – you could even end up creating other cards or invitations for yourself or other wedding guests.


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