Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

When you need a wedding photographer to immortalize the events on your wedding day, there are some very important considerations before you choose a particular wedding photo specialist. Searching for a wedding photographer demands the same high standard just like when you are shopping for a wedding ring or looking for a reception venue. Here are some important points you should consider when selecting a wedding photographer for your wedding photo shoot.

Start early – As much as possible, start your wedding photographer selection early. Wedding photographers are typically booked from six months to one year in advance, especially the good ones. Try to evaluate at least three wedding photo specialists. You can ask for referrals from family and friends.

Professionalism is key – Your wedding demands the best service and dedication from a wedding photographer. Make sure you choose a reputable and professional wedding photo expert. It is also wiser to go with photography firms whose wedding photography work comprises fifty percent of their business.

Check their wedding photo portfolio – the proof of a wedding photo specialist’s expertise lies in the quality of his previous wedding photo job. Make sure you check out the photographer’s portfolio. Make sure too that the wedding photographer whose portfolio you are browsing will be the one who will take your wedding photos. You can check out examples of the different styles and discuss what specific style you want for your wedding.

Check out the price and services – Different photographers offer different prices and services. Make sure you know the price and which services are included within that price and which are not. Find out what particular services the wedding photo specialist offers and how many hours of his time will be included in the price. You should also confirm how many images you will get. Also check the price of extras such as wedding photo reprints, wedding photo albums, wall portraits, wedding photo frames. This is the best time to discuss about this than after the wedding.

Plan a wedding photo engagement session – an engagement session is a casual sit-down wedding photo session that is done a few months before the big day. This is a great way to know your wedding photographer more and also for him/her to get to know you too.

A contract is important – as soon as you agree on the price, arrangements and other details, make sure you put it all in writing. A contract helps protect both you and your wedding photo specialist. If your wedding photographer doesn’t have a contract, insist on having one, or you may have to look for another photographer.

On the big day – your wedding photographer must be dressed suitably for the occasion. The objective here is to make him/her as less obtrusive as possible and to blend in, so to speak. A professional wedding photographer will make it a point to be the first on the venues, whether it is the bride’s or the groom’s house, the wedding venue and the reception venue. Your wedding photographer may have assistants with him; make sure that they are also dressed appropriately and briefed thoroughly about the wedding photo requirements.

Turnaround time – Usually, you should be able to claim your wedding photos, proofs and other extras within two to four weeks. Some wedding photographers typically take two weeks to edit and sequence your wedding photos according to the chronological order of your wedding day’s events.


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