Wedding Gifts Etiquette

Wedding Gifts Etiquette: What You Need to know

When your best friend, office mate or relative is about to get married, and you’re invited, you might consider looking for a wedding gift to give. Although it is not compulsory, you might feel obliged to bring something. Sounds familiar?

Well, it might occur to you that once you are invited to a wedding, you should bring with you a gift. This is okay. However, the essence of wedding invitation is redirected to the type of gift you “must” give. And this, my friend, is simply not correct for the reason that you are invited is not to bring the couple gifts but to join them as they celebrate their joyous event.

The sad thing however is that there are many instances like this that happen throughout the wedding process. And oftentimes, it goes out of the true essence of the wedding itself.

The central focus of the invited is to celebrate with the couple and not to find a worthy wedding gift.

In the case that you are the one to get married, the following are some of the things that should be avoided in inviting guests with regards to wedding gifts:

Avoid including registry information on the invitation. Also avoid mentioning gifts of all forms in the invitation. In case couple have wedding registry on a store, it is common that owners would insist to include their name on the invitation. The main reason is, it is good for their business. However, it is not good on your name. Putting the name of the store signals that you require your guests to shop for wedding gift. This is not to say though that you should not have wedding registry, it only says that you should never give any intention to oblige your guests to send gifts to you.

Mentioning that you prefer to receive money rather than gifts should also be avoided. There are many reasons behind this but basically, it can offend your guest and may want to turn down the invitation instead. Also, placing money tree on your wedding is not a good sign. Remember that you do not hold wedding to raise fund but to celebrate so your guests are not required to pay for their plate or to pay for your honeymoon.

In case you have repeatedly received one type of gift and have considered returning some, never mention that you don’t like the gift. Or, never mention that you don’t like to color or the style of the gift. Return them politely and thank them for giving.

Although this might not be practiced by some, it is nice to let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence during your wedding. In this case, send them thank you card within 3 months after the wedding.

Expecting too high on the gift you would receive would be unfair for your guests. Make sure that you don’t set any expectation so that you would not end up disappointed. Remember that guests would give gifts according to their set budget so be thankful about that.

It is better give than to receive, as the old saying goes. So, never put your guests on the hot seat and require them to give gifts according to what you really need. Be thankful on whatever gift that arrives and appreciate every gift that is given no matter how you love it or how you hate it.

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