Wedding Accessories for a Lovelier Bride

Wedding Accessories for a Lovelier Bride


An event of a lifetime –

Most women dream of a magnificent wedding. Some choose it to be classy. Others opt for a simple ceremony. Whatever option any woman has is a personal choice for her dream wedding. Apart from choosing what type of ceremony there will be, most women are meticulous when it comes to choosing their bridal wedding accessories.

Some frequently used bridal wedding accessories are the following to help you decide plan for your big day:

Check out these great wedding accessories essential for every bride on her wedding day.

Bridal Jewelry

Your set of jewelries on your wedding day can be diamond, silver, platinum, or gold. The jewelry you will get will depend on your choice, your wedding theme, and of course your budget if you intend to purchase a set.

If you wish to have your bridal jewelries custom-made you can also do so. By doing this you will be able to choose the specific texture, designs, and even stones.

Jewelries such as earrings, a necklace, pendants, finger rings, or anklets can be used on your wedding day. However do not over use jewelries. Keep in mind that simplicity and sophistication are two intense factors why jewelries are attractive to other people.


Look like a princess with your bridal tiara. It is normally selected as a bridal accessory to give life to the style of hair. Nowadays there are classy yet affordable tiaras which come in various designs and shapes.

When choosing your tiara the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

* The shade of your gown
* The shape of your face
* Height matters if you opt to wear a tiara
* Tiara’s durability

A Purse for the Bride

Every bride would want to bring a purse on her wedding day to put some make-up items such as lipstick, powder, or cologne. She may opt to put her hanky inside the purse.

There are wide selections of purse to choose from. Normally the bride will prefer a purse that will perfectly match her dress. Some of the most admired purses are strap, mini, clutch, handbag, envelop, and drawstring pouch.

Bridal Make-up

Your make-up should make you look fresh, glowing, and even more stunning. The location and time of the wedding ceremony plays a great role to determine the tone of your make-up. In addition other important factors to consider are the outline of your face, hairstyle, and the construction and color of your bridal dress.

Take note that if your wedding ceremony is to be held during the day, keep your make-up natural-looking. Night wedding ceremonies will require your make-up artist to put on some darker shade of make-up. Always go for a simple yet enduring make-up.


Folk stories consider the veil as a symbolic wedding accessory to cover the face of the bride to entice the groom of the exquisiteness of his bride until they are married and are allowed to see her.

Various collections of veils are available in most bridal shops. Commonly, bridal veils come in almost translucent piece of clothing perfectly matched with the wedding gown. You can opt to have a simple veil, an embroidered one or even one that is intricately designed. Others also choose the specific length of their veils. Some wants a short veil; others desire medium or long veils.

The bridal accessories you choose to use for your wedding ceremony do not only amaze people on how good you look on your big day. The choice of accessories reflects the kind of character you have.

So choose well. Everyday is not your wedding day.




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